A week in a clinical training for in-patient feels like forever. I remembered on my first day, I felt like quitting this course because I found it was so stressful. The stressful episodes getting worse till the next day as I can't sleep well. In fact, the four of us (my group) also experienced that.

All of us also had some trouble reading the Dr's handwriting, bet we also need to prepare ourself and need some skills for it!, Nonetheless, everything had improved, where we don't have to read all the notes on BHT, but just point on the selected pages for follow up. Of course, we also need to read through the patient's history for new cases and need to understand the issues and underlying diseases of the patient.

Basically, what I told you was some of the boring stories that happen to us as a practical student. Just bare with it. I am going to feed you with some fun (if you think so) stories soon. Up until now, I felt sleepy and wanted to rest...

In spite of that, even though everything was so stressful at the beginning, I still like it as this is the reason why I am in this course. I have been in the catering posting, everything was so beautiful and the community there were so cheerful. But it's not what my heart wants. I want to be a clinical dietitian NOT catering dietitian.

That's all. I'll tell you another story of mine tomorrow. Stay tuned.