Kadang-kadang in a day, macam banyak idea nak tulis blog, tapi bila duduk kat depan laptop dan sign in dalam blogspot, everything vanished just like that!. Nah, who should be blamed. No one.  So hari ni let me tell you some of the story that I kept myself and some are known by a specific special people in my life.

                                   .................................... PART 1..................................

If anyone of you had asked me, where am I going every Wednesday night on the last semester, you would heard me replied you with "Rahsia" followed by chuckled.

Now, I would like to reveal on that part. Dearest readers who might be my friends or just the people that I know or knew me randomly, on the last semester, every Wednesday night, I went to Mandarin Class somewhere in Bukit Bintang. So basically, I am attending the classes y'alls. Some of you might say " such a 'hectic' same and you dare to challenge yourself physically and mentally? Well, duh. I made it. So what? *flipped hair*

                                                       Secret Number 1 has been revealed.

Over the past of 3 years, I only made friends around my circle, be it in UKM Bangi, KL or Cheras or some other universities, but yes, my circle was only a student.. Until I found a bunch of people who brings the diversity of the Universe. I met an Italian, Polish, Japanese, Korean, American, Holland from different backgrounds and they were not coming from my regular circle and not in the range of my age. Not forgotten my dear Malaysian friends whom I refused to mention his/her names. Let it be anonymous (for now) because I will save a space on my blog and put her/him on some part of the story.

People, that was great. When you got to know the American and got to mingle with them for the whole week and realized you actually had the American soul inside. HAHA. Those were the days.

Back to the story. Well, the reason why I joined the course was because of my heightened interest in languages. Dude, I tried not to brag myself up, but I know many languages either majoring on it or just had some basics and could understand. Please don't mess up with me. Because I like to pretend that I don't understand some languages because I have the intentions to listen to the conversation without being noticed. Smart enough? This is the reason why I hid the fact that I attended the class, because I don't want people to know that I had a basic/major on that until I mastered and able to converse fluently. But, after putting several thoughts, I think it was rubbish. So, here I am revealing the secret. But darling, still, that attitude still grows inside me. What do you think?

So, there I was, attending the classes every week and give my all for 2 hours to get the knowledge. Such an honor behavior for me, I shall say. If you ask me, how was that, of course I would replied you with GREAT and A VERY BIG THUMBS UP.

I completed  my formal semester of the university, but that does not mark the completion of my Mandarin course. You know, the perks of doing what we likes are, number 1: Always feel excited to come to the class. Number 2: Of course you would like to start any conversation in Chinese with your Chinese friends, but just bear in mind that, some might understand you and some are just not. Be free to receive any comments for improvement from them or just a big mouth expressing their laugh. Mine happens to be the first 1. I remembered Yen Yee, who always taught me to pronounce some words correctly while waiting for our patients to come. That was so nice of her. God bless you.

Until next time. I'll be updating this segment very soon, but I will go deep into my personal life. So stay tuned to know the whole story of this. I wanted to sleep already!

                                                                              Wan an!