I told you before about our helper, my mom called her Sunita but my sister told me that her name is not Sunita. It is typical for my mom called her helpers, Sunita as her previous helpers were Sunita Sunita Sunita and Sunita. I don't know how many Sunitas were working in our household before.

Today, I managed to get some time to converse and chit chatting with her and I asked her :

Sunita, my sister told me, that your name is not Sunita right? If yes, then what is your real name?

It's Bellsita. She laughed.

Really? Such a nice and beautiful name,. so, why did my mom called you Sunita? 

I don't know, maybe she can't pronounce my name correctly and only heard the words 'sita' so she called me Sunita. 

Really? Do u know that Sunita is our previous previous previous previousssssssss helpers? 

Hahahaha. Yes , I knew that. Your family told me too. 

Of saying that, I wonder what was our previous helpers names before? Is it something to do with "Sita"?

Or is it Jessica ? Rosita ? Zanita ? I don't know, only God knows as I don't know where are they now!

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If you are updated with the contents on my blog, about my previous blogpost, I also told you that she is confused with her religion. I mean, when it is the times for Christmas Celebration, she would celebrate it, when it is Hari Raya, she did celebrate it. To make things short, she celebrates every celebrations of any religions. So I asked my mom, what she was on? My mom also said, she has no religion, not because she did not believe, she just don't know what religion is.

One thing that I misinterpret about hers was the way she answered my salam. You know right, when we were out from home and the moments you come home, instead of saying hello or hi, you would recite Assalamualaikum! 

I did that when no one was home, except her.  She replied with Wa'alaikummusalam. See?  how much she was blend with the moslem's stuffs but she just did not know that!

Upon telling you that, let's pray and hope that she will find her destiny on this earth. She is so naïve, so its our job to tell her this and that and all sorts of things and please pray for her too.

p/s : Just want to tell you, that in my place, there are so many people who does not understand what religion is, be it Islam or Christian or Buddha and etc.

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                                                            Sorry, but this is not her.