I asked my childhood friends and commanded them to give 'good' criticism about the changes that I made about my blog, and I guess some of you might notice as well about me, making major changes on my templates. If you noticed as well, I managed to put the instagram side bar here. Really, I googled everywhere, but to no avail, I did not find any, which really easy and a bit familiar to my eye (as a blogger)!. I mean, as a blogger, you know right what is the function of HTML/ JAVA script button when you adding on the gadjets.

Finally, I should give my greatest credit to the Kelley Ryan for teaching me how to put the Instagram side bar's on the blog. Thank you so much!.

One of my girlfriends also said, that, I have to put more 'decorations' on my blog. But, here are my justifications:

1) I need to apply some of the minimalist layout on mine as it helps the readers to load faster on the content on my blog.

2) I want everyone to focus on my writing as well!.

My second girlfriend also commented on my content, some of them dislike of my short posts, hence, I up this!. But really, to be honest, I was influenced by one of the Malaysian Blogger who lived in Germany, the way she writes thing even shorter by day!. So.... I actually had the indirect-influenced by her.

Thank you for all your comments girlfriends.


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