Alright, alright alright, I know the title seems so "catchy" but yeah, I am 22 years old, and I have a major exposure to some sensitive things (for you), as I am in the Bio-Science field in general. So I'm not trying to be a 'racist' but are you from the physics field? IF YES, either you read this with an open minded or just click the x button on your device. I am not trying to break the traditions or the norms of our Malaysians culture, but.... I think everyone getting familiar with this okay.

I warned you. Just Don't Read, If you don't like.


Hello people, so it's been a long time after I updated my last post. So, today, I came up with some of the serious yet sensitive issue for a girl/woman/female. When I was in my secondary school, I was a shy-cat girl, even to purchase a pad or panty liners. I will make sure, there were no boys around me and make sure the cashier was a girl, If not, I will put it back on the shop's shelves. So, that's how I was on my early teenagers. I bet you are like that too readers?

So, as I grow up, I understand that cycle and the needs of every girls to experience that in a month. So here, I come with an advice for you. This happened to me, so I don't want to experience that anymore. Lets talk about this seriously.


Okey, when I was little matured on this period thingy, I didn't care about the cycles or when is the time for the menses to come, because I was too lazy to memorize or to jot down the dates of my period on a paper or on a book. I also had some notes on my phone, but, I just left it undone. Because I believe, it needs some applications or some formatting for putting down all the dates, so that everything will be in sequence and orderly manner.

One day, I discovered one of the period diary applications on Iphone as I browsed through the applications store. Then, I installed, and my life just get easier.

There are many types of applications inside, as for mine, I used an application named "Period Diary".
It was so cute and so understand you. Yes, because you know, the interface provides you to jot down anything including the days of period and how was the sign and symptoms etc. One more thing, it has the alert on your days of period, either yours are getting late or just in cycle.
For example, your period is late for 3 days, straight away, it will shows you the notification about this. As overall, it is an application to track your period, fertility and ovulation.

The reason, why I put my concern is because of knowing your schedule, can help you to prepare everything that you need during this period.

I highly recommended this for you!.

Credit : Google

               Here are some of the interfaces of this application. The wallpaper is changeable.


Oh please girls, up until now, I met 7 people who admitted that they only change their pads twice a day. When they go for shower, then, only they change it.


Yes, because the reason why, bacterias are spreading around the corner if you did not change it frequently, and of course it is compulsory to educate and instill this in yourself. 

So here are my techniques :


- When you get up from your sleep, you go to morning shower and then put it. (1x)
- During the afternoon, when you want to perform the Zohor prayer, spare your time to go to toilet   and change it. (2x)
- After you finished your evening shower around 5 - 6 pm ( Borneo Time) (3x)
- Before go to bed (4x)


-  When you get up from your sleep, you go to morning shower and then put it. (1x)
-  During the afternoon, when you want to perform the Zohor prayer, spare your time to go to toilet   and change it. (2x)
- After you finished your Asar prayer (3x)
- After you finished your shower (if you have your shower late) (4x)
- Before go to bed (5x)

Yes, the techniques are flexible, you can change it or alter it the other way around. As for the non-muslims, you can change it according to the prayer time for muslim, because the prayer time is just nicely and excellently in sequence. 

If you an athletic, or have a heavy bleeding, just maximise the used of your pads. 

Finally, you should wash it. Don't just simply put it away without washing your biological trash, especially your blood. I just cannot brain for the people who are puttng away theirs just like that. Please discipline youself on that. 


I know, most of us are the everyday-panty liners users, but, just spare one or two pads on your bags, just in case. As for me, I usually, check on my period diary about the time. and, I will top up the amount of the pads inside my handbag/schoolbag/slingbag. 

It has one each, but just spare some, just in case someone need it, you can lend a helping hand and save someone's 'life' too.

Thank you for reading.