And, your way is not always full of roses. There must be a thousand of thorns on it, for you to feel how the beauty of your struggle is, when you achieved your target. Of course.

And, along the way, you will be meeting a group of people who practices religion so deep and so beautifully, and somehow you will be meeting a bunch of people who used the religion for the sake of their popularity, and you also will be meeting someone who looks like angel and turns out, is a devil. And of course, someone so devil, and when you dig in, is the truly angel. And at the some points, you do not know, who is the one that is legit for you to place your trusts on?

When you experienced this, go to your Creator and your parents and your siblings.

And, do not judge people so early. Turns out the one you judge is the one that will be helping you in your crying day. Of course, draw a line to someone who always claims that will be on your side and finally the one who stabbed your back. Be cautious.

What should you do in a time like this? Be braves. You are the one who is helping yourself.