When I was  living my matriculation life, I remember how much I was afraid of not getting A for my Biology subject during finals. I read everything, and I just feel I don't get anything. It was almost 3 am, and I was going to the bathroom to wash my face.

I asked my friends next door, how she was doing on this subject? does she read all? and she said, YES, and she asked me, how about me? I said, I just started., and it was 3 am, to cover all of the topics in less than 7 hours is madness. I sat on my chair and open back my book, I tried to memorised all. But, I just can't. On that time, I was so scared, that I might drop out this.  Yes, I cried and I called my parents. I was sitting in front of my locker. My mind went wild, I was afraid, what if my parents will be frustrated of me, If I ever fail ? what if .. what if.. and what if?? and I was thinking of killing myself too.

Yes, my dad picked up my called, I managed to spoke with them two. I cried and I said to my dad, I was so afraid,what if I do not get A in this subject, and I just can't memorised anything.

He said to me, "Its okay, just go to sleep, everything will be alright, okey, just sleep".

As requested, I was laying on my bed, preparing to go to sleep. Suddenly, I remember what my dad told me, how is he calming me down, and allow me to relax. I open my book back. I read and memorised all. Until 6 am. I did. I managed to memorise all, and I managed to sleep for 1 hour.

Alhamdulillah, I got A for that subject. Don't you believe in yourself after everything happened? Don't you feel proud of having these kind of parents? When other parents insulting their kids for not getting A and not focus on their revision, I got a cool parents who told me to sleep during my revision and saying everything will be alright? I always proud of having them, because of  that words, I got my motivation and successfully getting an A.

I told my chemistry lecturer about this, about not getting anything when I was doing my revision a day before the exam, and he said "How would you know, you are not getting anything?How come you be so sure, you don't earn anything? aside from your parents's pray, it's you struggle that made your result in a flying colours"

After all, the nightmare of a student is not getting A or fail in subjects. But you know, I was experienced all that. Of how much I care about my grades and how much I abandon and I suck my grades.

Be thankful of what you had.