The day you wake up, you saw different surrounding than yours, 
Then, you realised, it's not even your room, but someone's. 
Its queen not king size that you used to lay your body on,

It is smaller than yours, 
You try to move a step, you are heading to the angle of the room, to see how 'small' it is. 
You started comparing, is this how it feels to move out from your comfort zone?
even the littlest thingy you noticed, you did compared everything.

You set a step or two from the room, you see dining room, living room, and kitchen. Only a step or two. You saw every angle.
You started comparing. 
Being home, you need to take the stairs down, and open another building to go to kitchen, you need many steps to reach living rooms, open the door again, just to go to dining room.  

You compared everything, you saw a very HUGE differences. 
Apart from living in a small hostel room, you experienced of staying in an apartment, and its areas cover your secondary living room at home. 

You sleep, and you wake up. 
You wake up again..

It makes you realized : 

Not everyone will stay in their palace forever, maybe for this time, while you are your parent's responsibility. To earn living, how does it feels?

 The owner of this apartment, how am I proud of seeing her, moving out from her comfort zone, manage to earn living by herself. Don't even know how to express how proud I am of her. Congratulations :).