Friday, 25 March 2016

Borrowing- Please Dont Embarrasing yourself.

Last time, someone has been 'scolding' me (not literally being scolded) because of something that he should had done but then, asking me to do it. Sometimes, I would give a helping hand but it is actually depends on the scenes. 

So, this human has been asking me to ask someone if she can borrow him a car. You know this is a very very very irritating FOR ME. Then, I replied to him, I said , I don't want to borrow something so precious or something which is a very important in someone's life or at least, this is needy.  Then he criticised me, this human said, 


Okey dude, I give you my penny thoughts.  

1) You need that, why would you ask someone to borrow that for you?

2) I am not that type of someone who will borrow someone's property, especially cars. Yes, I believe we need a car, but find some alternatives man. Why don't you rent a car instead of borrowing if you really in need? or take a taxi at least?

3) Borrowing things will make others feel annoyed to you. I have this kind of attitude, I don't care if others borrow my things, but, I would not dare myself to borrow others, except you are friended with me for a long time, that thing will do. Mendaks (my friends) will do .

Last time, I need a printer and after a day I bought mine, and yes, I am proud of myself because I don't have to borrow someone's property. I collected mine. Yes, this is what we called as alternative.

 So people, make some alternatives first before you decide of borrowing someone's properties. 
 Please and Please and PLease. Be gold. 

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