I never let myself to stay awake up to this hours. 24 hours awake. . I couldnt sleep at 1 am. I forced myself to sleep at 2 am. at 3 am. at 4 am. I read some book. Even makes me awake.

This is study week, I don't have to worry about morning classes but, lecture notes are sure need to be cried on. Digging. A must I say.

At 4 am. I decided to stay awake until dawn. Waiting for Subh. So, I brewed myself a coffee. I dislike coffee, I prefer tea. My preferences on beverages are, less sugar and less concentrated.  Thus, tea without sugar. I saved my 20 kcals, I decreased my glucose intake. Malaysia should be proud of me, having a Diet student, who applied this kind of attitude. You should too.

Ya, I brewed a cup of coffee. Congratulations, I managed to finish it. My mom brought these coffees all the way from Sabah. Cordyceps is one of the ingredients. Mom said  :
                                 "This is good for your concentrations, drink it girl "

I said YES. I WILL. In fact, the semester will ends in 3 weeks and I still have 3 boxes of coffees
 (1box = 12 sticks).

I drank this. Yes, it helps me to stay awake, but I never trust coffee. In fact, I have trust issues in almost everything.  You know, when your lil sister told your mom :

                       " mom, this coffee was good, I pay my fullest attentions on lectures"

                                    THE POWER OF 'PLACEBO' . Is it sista?

Because I never trust coffee, it spits a revenge on my head. I got headache ( a very mild one).

I am waiting for 6 am. I should done my prayer, then only I go for laundry at level 3. Such a hardworking girl. How do I manage to stay awake at this point? I have four reasons :

1) I cant sleep.
2) I drank coffee. ( Sister said, it helps her to concentrate on lecture, but it deviates me to stay online instead of studying).
3) I planned to do laundry after prayer.
4)I planned to buy breakfast outside for the first time. ( I usually eat sandwich or biscuits in my room)

Most important is, I STAY AWAKE 24 HOURS. New records in 2015. Almost 2016.

I can say, this is rare for me. My first time staying awake 24 hours in my 21 years of life ( I usually stay awake until 4 am , but this is some 'achievement' for me. )

 Congratulations , Masfara Wahidah.