Tonnes of assignment that related to cancer has been done. Today is  the peak. Banyak benda sebenarnya yang berkaitan dengan kanser and as today is my last presentation pasal our patient who is suffering from Colon Cancer stage 3, my lecturer then express her disappointment about how Malaysian mentality is pasal this kronik disease.

During presentation (typical spresentation slide) we had put our references at the back of the slides, and then, my lect then asked us " Where did u get the facts and what are your references?" then we replied from the cancer web from UK and some are from US. Yes, ! that is. Why dont we use Malaysia website?

Because most of our Malaysian taking advantages from this cancer patient, so everything that they prescribes are actually for money only. So dearest Malaysian, even though we cant help them, but at least, tell them some beneficial info as well as the correct facts.

Thats all from me, Thank you so much.