Assalamualaikum and happy saturday everyone!

For the past 3 weeks, there were many people keep on saying that I am getting thinner, surely I take that as a compliment. :P. Yees for sure, who dislike to be thinner? (for those who has psychological problem on weight . LOL). In fact, my body weight was still the same, 55 kg, with the height of 162 cm. haha. Despite of those people saying me being thinner and even congratulated me, there's someone who shocked ( i guess) , looking at myself, and said :

                     "Eh, asal kurus sangat ni ? jangan kurus sangat lah, nampak tak sihat"

Dush, lepas tu baru aku sedar, memang betul la. Kalau kurus sangat memang nampak tak sihat. Kena lah mempunyai berat badan yang normal. haha.

Forget it.

When you need to meet someone or even fulfilling your leisure time, the most hardest thing is deciding meal places. as for today, here it goes!.


credit : google ( I forgot taking picture with my foods! Arrghh)

I went to Pizza Hut and ordered Triple Chicken, Sharing platter, Asam Boi and Ice lemon tea. Among all the pizzas, triple chicken is still in the rank of my heart. since, my last pizza-ing was at the Randwick, about a month ago. That is why I craved for this! I forgot the price , but total purchasing is RM70, for the item listed above.


For today's meeting, we spending our chatting at Franco. We had  Berries Cheesecake Parfait and  Peanut Butter with Banana Milk Shake. Different people has their own food preferences. I don't really like this milkshake (in fact, I dislike milk) hehe, the reasons are because of the taste and even the idea of mixing it together does not compliment each other. Though its art, but, in term of rational, it does not fits. Now I realise the goodness of my PDT's Lecturer's babbling us on this. Thus, I only had a sip and that's it. My first and last banana milk shake. haha. As for the berries, it has blueberries and strawberries. I like this. Combination of the taste really stand on its own. Berries with their sourness, and the sweet taste even reach the degree of sweetness. Should go and try .

This is the interior design of Franco at Times Square.  It has its own aura. Haha.

This is the parfait!. The meringue inside is so sweets and i like to see when the 'strawberry's bleeding'.


Price : RM 15.80 ( Berries Cheesecake Parfait )
Price : RM 17.80 ( Peanut butter with banana milk shake)

Not so ready pose.


When I was in Aussie, I bought foods from Thailand Restaurant, I forgot its name, but, its in the Randwick area. So, I suddenly missed the taste of thailand haha. Luckily,  I passed by this restaurant after enjoying the movie, and decided to buy this for my dinner ( take away), and yes, it tasted so Thailand. This makes me want to go to Thailand. Hope!. Owh ya. This is Thai Fried Rice with chicken. 

Price : 17.90 

Hope this help and thanks for reading! haha. tbh, I just on the mood of writing. btw, haze getting worse today!.