Assalamualaikum and Hye!

Alhamdulillah, I passed my hectic 3 weeks of semester 5.  Successfully said that I passed those weeks with experiencing so many things, be it  ups and downs, happiest moments turned saddest and and thanks to those who said ‘ you cant even expects anything happen in the future’! dushh! How I missed my life back then in Sydney, Australia. Oh don’t get me wrong u pretty readers, I am not migrating myself there, even though the sentences before sounds affirming that but I just I went there for a week and it ends because the semester up! Pity me. hoho. Yupp! From Sydney to Kuala Lumpur and then need to attend classes for the next day. 

Okey. lets talk about Sydney. I prefer on going to Melbourne but Sydney managed to catch my attention! yes, conflict did happen in myself. well. you never know how dynamic the brain is! and why wait to book when your heart beats more than usual ? haha. finally we booked the flight 3 weeks before flown. 

One week is not really enough to enjoy all the moments there, but, I chose to enjoy my day without stressing about tiredness and so on. I went there on a perfect seasons, the winter about to end and spring comes in. 

On the first day, I haven’t gone anywhere, because I experienced a very super duper sleepy moments. After checked in, I settled down with my bed. This is how I end my first day. When I came back to Malaysia, I blamed my sleepiness. I should forced myself to explore places nearby. Haha. But Past is Past.

I was standing on the Arthur street of Randwick, while waiting for the room to be done.  :)

I can say that my second day rose very pinky. I went to Opera House and 
Sydney Harbour Bridge. It’s a must babe!. Nothing special in Opera House if u come closed. But, u sure see the beautiful of  Opera House if you a bit far from the place.Then, I walked from Opera House to Royal Botanical Garden.

I thank you who photographed me in this view! Thats Sydney Bridge!

Nah! a clearer view of the Bridge! How was it?

Resting a while. On the way to tour this garden. Many scenes were captured here. 

Oh well, I came during Spring, the end of winter and beginning of spring tbh. 

Bushes of Tulips? haha

Excuse me for that awkward pose! lol

My third day, I went to Sydney Wildlife Park, to see Kangaroos and Koala. But sadly, the mirror of that zoo hindered us from getting close to them. Haha Pardon me for my English, just wanna show you people how difficult it is to see them. Sydney Wildlife is located at the city. If you really that desperate to see them, I suggest you to go to Tarongga zoo, it is a bit far from city. From what I read, u can have a ‘live’ conversation with that animals. So cute! Haha. To go Sydney wildlife, you can use train from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour. Transportation here in Sydney is quite pricey, but as a tourist, you should close your eyes for that conversion of money.

Even grabbing the chance selling my pose here! On my way to Circular Quay.

Does it looks overseas ? haha

Using ferry to go to Darling Harbour.

Dont be fooled by its cuteness, it smells bad. yack! haha
Madam Tussaud is located next to Sydney Wildlife :)
From that zoo, we went to Paddy’s Market to buy souvenirs for our families and friends. The Fact of Sydney is one of the most expensive city in the world makes you think, that Paddy’s Market is the cheapest place to shop . As a reminder, PLEASE DON’T CONVERT THE TOTAL PURCHASING TO MALAYSIAN RINGGIT haha.  We went to hotel before 4 pm . In Sydney, all th shop will be closed at 6 pm.

The market!

Then the fourth day, I went to Katoomba to meet the legendary Three Sisters at the Blue Mountains, its too cold to be there. Don’t forget to bring along your jacket or else you will keep on shivering continuously.  From Sydney to Katoomba , it takes about 2 hours from Central Station.  The view was mesmerizing, I don’t wanna go home. !! 

Hye! I arrived at Katoomba! haha

I am not even born. nvm. Let see what does The Queen saw from here? 

Yes, its the THREE SISTERS!. Go and see this landscape and you would definitely like Wowww. haha

Can't help myself to put on my hands in the pocket, if only i bring my gloves.  too cold.haha. 

Then, you should go home after enjoying the view. This is Central Station.

My fifth and of course my official last day of enjoying the moments here in Sydney was visiting Bondi Beach. Oh my. You know Sabah is famous of the beaches. Beautiful Beaches. But, Bondi Beach is really awesome. I wanna stay there. Oh please!!!!. 

I said its awesome. !

Okey, this beach is cold, is hot, is flowery, is windy .. and is awesome. Can someone donate me some funds to build my own house here? please? haha.

"Disappear like the bubbles" Says the Mermaid . haha.
can you see the colour of the sea? 

This is madness! I wished to jump in and swim here.PLease!

My sixth day is only on board. That’s all.

Oh, this is only a surface stories. Pray that I have the ‘energy’ to make it brief soon. 

My last day in The Bleinheim, Randwick ,Sydney , Australia.  
September 5, 2015. 
07.15 am 
(pardon me for my face! lol!)

Thanks for reading this! Hope you enjoy and got some motivation to travel. haha!