One thing I have to admit when I’m home is I get to listen to adult’s talk starting from the littlest to the biggest issues.  All things. I give you the chances to name it, Marriage? That and this? And yes, POLITICS.

Even though I want to be in a middle position of these two parties of Malaysian’s Politics . (Pros and Cons), but my mind starting to go wild as I read through the news and newsfeeds appear on my facebook ‘s timeline and  got the chances to discuss on my many many many whatsaaps groups.  Yah. This is the point that I really want to share with you.

Its normal when someone voicing out their opinion on some matter in a discussion session, ya. That’s normal.  But, things went wrong when  someone voicing out his opinion crazily and full of judgmental effects like that party haven’t done any task and accomplish any missions.

Its totally a no no when someone trying to show his cheapest credibility by criticizing others without any task been done by the people who critics. Ya. This happen in my radar. Saying this leader does not  do this and that leader did that, and so on, criticizing them like they done nothing,. And please, don’t get me wrong, this explanation is bias-less which means I include both parties, UMNO and PKR.  The UMNO’s Leaders being criticized by PKR’ supporters and vice versa. But, when we think about this deeper, what does the criticizers did to the nation, ? NOTHING  but creating rumors and some might be a keyboard warriors. ( voting during election is excluded)

I admit that, I am no mature enough to discuss about this, but , allow this, not-so-matured-girl to voice out her opinion in the name of Peace for the Nation. Yohoo.

I believe in this globalization world, ( Malaysia ,to be specific) , the Watchers group is no more now, or less, thus, all people trying to intercept others mission to accomplish theirs, the cheapest is when someone really want to be famous without nothing.  

So please my dearest Malaysian, we don’t want to experience any riot in Malaysia anymore, not again . Never pawned our pride to fulfill the needs.  The basic manipulation of one sis still ongoing, then , lets prevent ourselves to voice the unnecessary opinion. Thanks and Pray for MalaysianPeace.