Assalamualaikum buddyz, which  will never terpisah by Digi.

Guys, you know that i have been selected into a university, even though the due date is too far, but, being punctual is great, which is, i don't have to be in rush or to be in waddadadadadadaa situation, well,as long as I could remember bout myself, my very last preparation is the best for me, but, my parents asked me to do a medical check yesterday. So, why do i have to stress on the sentence above?

So, that's why this entry comes.

Because yesterday was Friday, so, i started to do my task at 2 pm.

Here's the list.


first of all, i went to Kedai Gambar to take my passport picture for the registration day. Seriously, i dislike to see my passport pic. yeah, sounds early, but, its preparation right? do the smallest thing first followed by the biggest one.I want to upload my passport pic, but i'm shy. i cant even move, so, hard for me to pose.

This is my passport pic.heee..tipu. this pic was taken last year. if i'm not mistaken? forgot already.,but for sure, i put some compact powder and some foundation on, and i  just came back from idk what majlis.


Actually my U-to-be asked their students to create a new account for BIMB,(ISLAMIC BANK), but, why Maybank? why? 

Because,i'm the ONLY one in my family doesn't have this account, so, i signed up for this.The truth is, maybank does not provides any account book for their new member except for 50 years old ++, you know the reason rite?. so, they just gave me the card.

This isn't my card, i took this from Google.


I didn't take any picture, i'm shy,haha.
But, actually this medical check up was incomplete, so, i will continue the procedure on Monday.

Thanks for reading this entry.