You thought, I am chilling? HAHA. No. There is no chilling time. When Mikael is sleeping, That's when I am going to take my lunch. He is quite naughty now. As he started exploring many things, I could not help but to play with him, and I think I am a mad mom now - did you happened to laugh or smile when you were pooping as you reminisce your baby's action & behavior? I did. Suddenly, I was smiling or sometimes laughing. Crazy woman in the toilet.

There was a time when I was showering while my bathroom's door opened. As I watching him, he showed me a "threatenin" action - "mommy, you better shower quickly, else, I will keep on rolling until I fell off the bed, you choose" . 

                                                         *                  *               * 
It was nice that the government enforced a MCO & everyone who works has to work from home, unless you are in the essential line. So, I was very happy, in fact really happy. Finally , Aily & I can spend time together with Mikael! It's gonna be a happy moment for our family. Until I realized that  - Aily is in the essential line. Crap!

To cut things short, Aily only managed to go to office on the first day. His boss allowed him to work from home. Thanks to my "emergency alarm-that-my-colleague-tested-positive" . His boss allowed him to work from home since, I have to self quarantine as I had closed contact with positive patient. Plus, we have a baby. Blessed his boss.

It was a very nice feeling that I am able to be home with our loved one. So, in the morning, Aily will sit in the living room & I am in the office room. At least we don't have to see each other's faces for solid 24 hours. We only talk during lunch hour. haha. but that time we did not cook and we did food panda . 

Despite the privileges that Aily got, he still has to go to office (he was promoted and getting salary increment, so he has to be present in the office). I was really sad, but I was glad that I had the 2 weeks with him. And my 100% motherhood journey started...

I woke up early and had my breakfast. There I saw a cute little boy with his eyes winking at me. He woke up! I breastfed him and played a little bit and to shower we go!

I have always wanted to be a mom who can earn money from home. I never really liked the 9 to 5 style of working. I believed it is sometimes unproductive for individual growth. And with MCO it was possible to be home while earning money and I am glad for it. However, there are some challenges that I faced, especially when Mikael is with me.

  • Instead of working on my desk, I worked on my bed so that Mikael can play and easy for me to breastfeed him, and ....  of course to put him sleep.
  • To avoid the client  from listening to a baby's voice. , so I had to hold him for 2 hours straight!
  • Breastfeeding while meeting.
  • Only had lunch when he is sleeping. 
However, I am grateful for having him with me that I managed to see him growing up in front of my eyes. Somehow, I pray MCO continues, so that I don't have the option to send him to nursery, and let him stay with me. 

Thanks for reading!