I know Mikael's wife will gonna laugh at me when she reads this blogpost of mine. I am not sure in your time, whether cooking is still an option in your household or it's became a rare occasions. Right now, cooking is an option in our household, since Aily and I are both working and we rather our  meals  to be delivered. However, since now we are in MCO (movement control order), due to Covid-19. We are no longer going to shopping mall just to have an evening tea, but instead we decided to cook.

So, Aily and I both take turns to cook. Sometimes, he will cook while I am breastfeeding or focus on my tasks, or sometimes I will cook while he is playing with Mikael. Since, I was a kid, kitchen is always my enemy - you can ask me to do other chores, but no cooking. However, day by day , I think I am okay with cooking. I cooked many dishes and made evening tea too. I managed to make a bread butter pudding without castard sauce. It was such a waste that I asked for help from the Grab Rider & turned out our house does not have evaporated milk. Nonetheless, the bread butter pudding was very delicious and stand on its own!

I saw a lot of people has been very active on Instagram & Facebook, sharing their food recipes & photos. Among all those, doughnut was the number one on chart. While I was checking my Facebook, I saw almost 7 people sharing their evening tea - doughnut. Checked my Instagram, again- doughnut, with a hashtag of #firstattempt.

So, I decided to make one too. Ah, I forgot we need to have instant yeast. While I was trying to panda-mart it, there's some magic happened, that I found instant yeast from the shelves! - it was my mom's! She bought it 5 months back when I was on confinement day. So, lucky. Thank you mom.

I found my yeast, wheat flour, oil, sugar, salt. All checked! Good. Making my first attempt of doughnut. Taste wise, it was very delicious. Appearance wise , my friend on Instagram said, it was the ugliest doughnut on earth.

So, today I made the second attempt of doughnut . Everything was perfect, until I realized, our wheat flour is out of stock! I almost had a panic attack, until I saw - corn flour, rice flour, glutinous rice flour, Bestari flour.

Okay, I had a lot of flours on the shelves. I am pretty sure, mixing them a bit won't change the texture, or even the taste. Out of all, I chose rice flour. As expected, the taste is the same. No changes. Still delicious, and improvement done on the shape.


Great improvement from the first attempt.


Then again, some "haters" (HAHAHA) on Instagram commented :

"Omg sis, tu macam jubur sis " - Grace
" Yesss when I saw ur shaping before deep frying it, dah agak, sure will be like this lol" - Fey
"tengah tu kau pakai penutup botol bha" - Pai
" Mas, go to your laptop again, this does not suit you " - Anis
" Kak Mawar 😅😅😅😅😅" - Sarah
" Again, still the ugliest one on earth " - Aina


Will definitely make the third attempt. Wait , we are out off  wheat flour.
Okay, next time.