One of my friend told me, she had an expectation that I might running slow after I had my first kid. To her, having a kid making our goal stuck & our movement limited. Well, I had my own doubt at first. I, myself was not sure whether I can become like the old me, or the brand new Masfara-the mommy version, or Masfara-the mommy version + the old Masfara.

I, myself was not sure if I can handle the feelings of being away from Mikael, but I think I did a great job separating my own-mommy's feeling & become a staff. When I was in the office, I am really focused on my job, and I make sure, it will be done before I head home. OF course, I am playing here and there, but, when there is a job, it has to be done. NOW and NOW.

So, after almost 3 weeks working, I developed a stronger version of Masfara. The mommy version, the wife version, the old version & the entrepreneur version. One thing I realised from myself, I am just a restless type. In a good way. Often time, when Aily & Mikael asleep, I will just open my laptop & looking for the tasks or trying to find some tasks to be completed, or somehow just chatting my clients through our system, just to check how their day went.

Anyway, points to ponder :

1) Having a kid, should never limit your potentials. God did not give you something to let you stuck. He definitely wants you to grow.

2) Having a kid, makes you understand your spouse & your spouse to understand you. It's even makes both of you closer.

3) Everyone has 24 hours. It's how you do your work & how do you manage your time. In my case, I wake up at 5am, and settle everything!

I think, there are two plus points that I have in my situation now :
1) My current company offers flexibility.
2) Aily is a very good husband, in which he understand my situation & he helped me a lot.

Hence, I manage to stay sane as a human being, a mother and a wife. I am not sure, how those working mom managed their time. But, whoever you are, we are awesome. God has created everyone with a different strength and tolerance. He does not test you beyond your ability.

Good luck & Good Night!