Guys, do you know that  I am pregnant. I better write another post for that pregnancy moment, but let's settle with this first.

hmm.. I don't really like being massaged, but the moment I knew I am pregnant, my body needs the attention.

"Baby...quick come... Please massage me, on my legs, oh calf, okay, now on my toes, now on my back" 

"Bae... faster come.. I can't sleep, can you please massage me again, don't stop till I told you to stop" 

It was really a nice feeling.. I was super exhausted ..and

The moment I woke up, it is already 3am-ish. I don't know when he stopped massaging me. I remember it was 9 pm ish.

I swear. I felt like a bad wife. Well, I knew I am an attention -seeker to him. But, I never asked him to do this "hard labour" things on me like this.

It was 3 AM. 

I was teary looking at his face - Oh.. the husband of mine.

I was stroking his head and he woke up... I cried.

And I scolded him.

" I did not force you to massage me, you see before I knew I am pregnant, I never asked you to massage me.. don't ever blame me if I keep on asking you to massage me. It's your responsibility as a husband" 

His eyes were wide opened - CONFUSED . I can tell from his face -don't-tell-me-my-wife-become-a-mad-person. It was 3 am ish guys. I forgave him for that confusion.

He looked at me and taking me back to sleep. Hugged me.

I stopped crying.

It's  7.30 am.


We are late.


"Baby, I did not you wake you up at 3am for nothing, our baby suddenly wakes up that time, so I woke up, and we woke you up"