What a long hiatus, really.

I don't know how to fit blogging into my current life now. It was pretty hectic. But, I manage to find some time to write today, after laziness episode subsides.

I am sorry to keep you guys repeating on reading the same exact posts for the past few months.
Here is a little update. I am happily married with Aily, and Allah has blessed us by giving us a gift from heaven, and I can't wait for the baby M to see the world and say Hello to my new chapter of life!

Since today is a Wesak Day, I wish everyone a happy Wesak to those who are celebrating , and obviously it's a public holiday.  Since, I am not used to a long weekend now, today I caught myself browsing to some of my works, and doing some tasks!

I forgot to tell you guys, we have our own office at home. It's a complete office with basic necessities , and this is where Aily and I always lepak together.

Last night, he planned to sleep a little later than me as he needs to settle few of his works, but before that, we had a pillow talk, talking about this and that, and suddenly he requested me to do one of his tasks - to do a POWERPOINT SLIDE for his presentation on tomorrow, because he is quite pack with a lot of things to do! . Basically he said , just asking if I can get help from my wife :/ . Haha, and end up he slept early.

That tomorrow, which is today. I  start my day by doing my office work, and in the afternoon doing his presentation slide.

The fun thing is, he felt bad that I am doing his job - So, in order to compensate my effort, he actually go to the kitchen and cook! haha

Aily's today's Specials: 

1) Ayam Masak Kurma
2) Spinah with Oyster Sauce
3) Fried Fish 
4) Curry puffs
5) White Rice
6) Fried Prawns - I planned to cook buttered prawn
7) Corn Soup with Crab Fillets

During afternoon, I actually fried the prawn, as I was asking him what does he wants to eat for Iftar. He said "Buttered Prawn" , but we did not proceed with that. He suddenly wanted to eat his kurma chicken. The corn soup was cooked by me, and it was really delicious! haha

This looks cheesy, but hahaha, he cook because he felt bad that I did his work.
                                                            So, i think that's cute. haha