It's been a long time since I left this place. Life has been pretty hectic, and I shall say, it was hectic for good. For this blogpost, I am not going to talk about diet and nutrition, but a post of a personal story.

For the past 3 months, I was enjoying my job as a dietitian in which I really helps people to lose weight, and thru my new job (it's no longer new) I managed to meet a group of awesome people. Mingle with them, travelling abroad (work purposes), of dinner and good times shared, of laughters and unquestionably chemistry we had, we managed to build a team which I love to call a family of HealthifyMe. All the healthy and passionate people are gathered and sharing one GOAL.

2 months ago, I went to China with my family. Unfortunate thing happened that I lost my 2 month old phone on the plane. It was night time when I landed, and I was all alone, no family (as they arrived 2 days earlier than me). Good thing, I did not panicked. I went to the immigration and asked them to do a translation of my hotel name to a chinese writing. They did.  Long story short, I took a cab, and it was a 1 hour ride from the Baiyun Airport to the hotel. All alone in a foreign country - they did not speak my language, it was 1 o'clock in the morning. The only word I asked the driver, how many KMs to go. When I started conversing in Mandarin (I only know basic conversation), the driver then 'welcoming' me to his country. We talked about Malaysia, travelling journey and I shall say, he was a good driver. It was proven since he sent me in a good shape to the hotel. ( It was 2 a.m) and before we bid goodbye, I told him..

"Hey, thank you for sending me off to my hotel, and FYI I lost my phone in the airplane, if something bad happened to me, I don't know how to contact my family, but, luckily I met you and thank you being such a nice driver" 

He smiled, but I am sure he did not understand what I said. 

Guangzhou, China

2 weeks after I went home to Malaysia, my company (HealthifyMe) sent me to India for work purposes and training. It was the longest oversea trip I ever had. Honestly, before I joined HealthifyMe, I never had any planning to visit India. The only few things I know about India - India and Medical students, sarees, bollywood celebrities, of Shah Rukh Khan and the prettiest miss world, Aishwarya Rai and many more. 

Credit photo: taken by SG
We were among the first passenger to ride IndiGo first launching ( hehe)

I love Bengaluru. 
The weather, the culture, the foods, their people, and of course their bhaiya auto racer.
Unfortunate thing happened as well, I fell ill for 3 days, and 2 days in a recovery phase.
 I had weather transition phase, so I was not able to do work.

Pooja brought me to Manipal Hospital, the only thing I remembered was, the hospital provided me with a nice hospitality. As I had high grade fever, the doctor planned to perform a blood test, but I rejected - i'm paranoid and really scared of needles. I might lose my consciousness if they poked me that day. And, I was scarf-free that day, I had no energy to dress up and half conscious on my environment, I barely even walk that day.  I wore my all time fav red jumper and short pants. Pooja was very nice and helpful. Forever am I, be debtful to her, and of course to Roshini.

Before I fell ill, I managed to go for hiking, went to vineyard and company's party, which we called as Ignite. It was really really a huge celebration 🎉 !

On that day, I seriously made a right decision to join HealthifyMe. Tushar's keynote managed to pump up my spirits to bring HealthifyMe Malaysia to another level, and I believe, we will achieve the target soon.

I have a lot to say and to share, but as of now, i'll stop my fingers from typing and need to settle all the diet plans!

2018 gonna end soon in 4 days, and I am pre-welcoming 2019 with new spirit, just bought a set of gym gear as my company also provide us with Fitness First Membership. hehe. My first time ever at gym?

Thanks for reading!
I'll be back with another personal stories and of course diet and nutritions.