It was almost three months with this new company. It's new in Malaysia and new to everyone. The decision to leave my previous company with a heavy heart. But, for someone who left her stable company to something new is something brave to do and risking my future for this.

But, I have faith, and I believed this is going to be a big one to Malaysia. I always believe in someone who believes in himself.. and I do believes in HealthifyMe. 
and the team is getting bigger and we are expanding now!

For the starter, it was only me, Pratiwi, Zeinab and Rashel. All of them are from different countries and continent. Tiwi is an Indonesian, Zeinab and Rashel both are Lebanese, and I was the only Malaysian at that time. Somehow, I have an emotional attachment to them, and now, since we are focusing to Malaysia, and we could not really get in touch with everyone.

So, introducing HealthifyMe to all the Malaysians!

What we do in HealthifyMe! This is where all your experts of dietitian/nutritionist and fitness trainer as well as yoga at here.