Is it just me? Or everyone else also feels the same? Back in the old days, specifically two to four years ago, going places and travelling were one of the exciting things to do. I kept on looking forward to upcoming semester break, just to make sure it was fulfilled with fun and exciting adventure.Went abroad every semester break was a must for me, but now, not really. 

Now, things has shifted and going up differently. I, no longer liking the idea of travelling every year, it was me in the past. I did not want to be stagnant at one point only. It was all because of the life commitment and responsibilities, which sometimes may sound absurd, but, we can't just simply breaking our responsibility!  And yes, I could say, I am going places almost every week (work related) and I demanded a time of me under the roof whenever I have free time. 

However, I could not deny, that there was a time when I scrolled through the airlines website, adrenaline rushed onto myself to book all the cheapest fares. Being impulsive, I managed to secure the seat. Most of the time, those impulsive decisions were failed to continue. 

A month ago,  I 'detoured' to Philippines before going home for Raya. It was such a nice and new experience. My really really first time travelling ALONE without a companion. TRULY COMPANION-LESS. 

Things that I would like to summarize.

                                                             Philipines from the top view

I can say, the perks of travelling alone, I can cancel whatever schedule I wanted to call off, and planned a new one. I can rest, if I want to. I can do whatever I wanted.

The very number one tips for travelling is to make sure of the weather. It was all rainy day in Manila. I could not even stroll to any attraction places.

When I told everyone, I’ll be out of the country for a few whiles, many of them guessed it wrongly. To the UK, To the Australia, To the New Zealand. None of them guessed Philippines. In regards to my circle, some of them were skeptical about that country. Simply because, we were too blended with Pinoy and the related ancestors were originated from there.

However, there were a few things that surprised me the most:

  1. They know who is a dietitian and what they do. 
  2. They know Sabah instead of Kuala Lumpur. 
  3. The fact that I am covered with Hijab, but still they asked me whether I am Catholic
Talking about the Philipines itself. 

  • Philipines airport, is 4 out of 10. Good thing, they had the transit premium lounge. I am gonna make a different post to review this place, which I rated : 7/10. 

Come on, I told her, I'm a blogger and... wait for another blogpost

The manual Grab Car System.

Not sure why they had this kind of system, probably because not everyone can afford smartphone? or they do not know how to use one? or ..

Glad they had this kind of service. I did not turn on my roaming service and too stingy to buy a new sim card.