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Obesity is on alarming rise and it has been long known that Malaysia is the leading country in the South East Asia. Finding from the 2017 National Health & Morbidity Survey still placed obesity in the worrying phase and yes, the percentage is getting increase day by day. In fact, people will have the tendency to increase their body weight every day due to the 24 hours food accessibility and availability. Who to blame? It's no one. But YOU.

To all the dieters, there are a few kinds of diet that you surely know. In this nutrition world, there is a diet named as HCG diet. To those who do not familiar with this, especially in the Asian country, HCG diet is a very low fat, very low-calories diet.  You may click this link for more info on this diet. This HCG diet also works by reducing your appetite and relieve the symptoms of getting normal problems as the usual dieters experienced.

In general, this diet has multiphase protocol that you need to follow. It is generally divided into 3 phases:
Phase 1: Loading Phase
Phase 2: Weight Loss Phase
Phase 3: Maintenance Phase.

And after reading so many nutrition articles. You then start to restrict your meal! But, until what extend you could follow this overly daunting diet? Are you going forever to keep on restricting your diet and gain no weight at all? That’s sounds more to ridiculous.

Remember about multiphase of the HCG Diet? After you have successfully passed your phase 1 and phase 2. You will proceed to phase 3. In phase 3,  you will now need to slowly reintroduce yourself to food.  What’s scary is, if you gaining weight more than you expected! So all your efforts are all wasted just like that! Your efforts are all wasted like dust!

Although you have the freedom, you still need restrict yourself from eating too much of foods. You need to apply small and frequent meal methods in your maintenance phase. This phase is the crucial one as it will determine the effectiveness of your diet.

If you are still finding the light on how your meal should be during your maintenance phase of HCG Diet, you may follow this simple recipe and sample menu for your diet effectiveness!

Hope it helps you in your diet journey and do not give up in achieving your ideal body weight!

Good luck!