Ops. This photo has no relation with Raya at all, and I'm sorry if I lack in common sense of posting it during this Holy Month. Stop gulping okay. 

  This was taken back in 9 Mei 2018, where everyone has casted their votes, and there I was, eating Yogurt to curb the hot weather. 

It was nice tho. I was not into lactose since I was kid, I tried yogurt back when I was year 3 in University and now, I can consume it! 
Previously, I experienced bloating and you know.. diarrhea hmm.
 Thats' only I knew, it was because my stomach does not really recognize who is that newcomer. 
So, she started making a little riot inside. 

Today is Thursday and I am looking forward to see weekend. I asked lady boss for a permission to take casual leave. So, starting today and tomorrow, I'll be working until 2.30pm. 

God, come on, my mind is clearly wandering around the clouds as I will visit another country before I go home! My soul has traveling far away from my officec desk, and clearly I can't focus.

(This was taken back in Penang Airport few months ago)

Things to do before go home for Raya: 

1) Bring Yna for Relexology Spa this evening. 
2) Mini Reunion Buka Puasa with my UKM's girls (plus Ajib- we can consider him as a girl as well)
3) Before bukak puasa with them, I need to go to Mid Valley to change currency. This has to be settle before meeting them. 
4) On Saturday, I plan to stay home, rest well and pack my things! 
5) Sunday- This day is finally come!

Visiting Foreign Country, During This Fasting Month and Solo.
Such a great combo and I never imagine of doing this. Especially; alone. 

I'll update you on this later!