1) Passport, ID Card

If you forget this, you may have a higher chances to deny abroad! Especially your passport!
Make sure to put your passport inside your handy bag before you went off to the airport.

2) Debit Card/ Credit Card

If you are a debit card user,  don't forget to activate your international access! As for me, I will always use Maybank Debit Card for my international trip and 3 days before the trip I activated the card and will extend the expiration date. You can go to Maybank2u for activation. But bare in mind, some times, there are few countries who does not accept Debit Card for transaction. Do your research before visiting the respective country.

3) International Adapter.

Personally, I never bother bringing this, because most of the place that I've stayed, provided us with the cable USB adapter. But, if you are using AirBnB or any guest house who does not provide you with the international adapter, so be prepared of losing some bucks and dollars.

Other tips: put all your electrical items in one place. Bring your international adapter in your backpack, pack them together with your earphone, power bank, iPod and etc.

4) Socks

Yes, sounds funny and small. But it's very important. It does not matter, which country you visit, but socks are the most important thing. Let say your guest house does not provide you with a blanket, you can use this to cover your feet. Or who knows you might catch a cold?

Another usage for socks is of course for muslimah who wants to perform prayer. Using telekung in between crowded place and thousands of people, sounds uncomfortable and if you have any other alternative, why not trying it?

5) Phone

Like, hello.. Anyone can live without a mobile phone nowadays? Make sure, before you get off from home, your phone should be in your pocket or else you will spend thousands dollars to buy a new one or your holiday will totally ruin.

6) Notes

Although, this world is evolving thru a new technological things, but the notes are a MUST inside your wallet. You have to prepare at least 2 TYPES OF CURRENCIES. Your own country and the country you are going to visit! If you want to add up the list, I welcomed you to add dollars inside yours. So, you have 3 currencies. For example me: MYR (my own country) USD (accepted worldwide)  and PESO (the country you are going to visit). If you have this, you are surely well prepared!

7) Flight Itinerary & Ticket!

Make sure to back it up on your mobile phone & hard copies as well!

Hope this helps and enjoy your holiday!