Since this is the most requested topics that I've got from all of you on my InstaStory. So, I better make a post on this. What I posted on InstaStory were the happy moments that I had for the day or  some funny things, maigod. Just want to share to everyone, how happy I was at the moment. So, here a little details.

Now, I am working as a nutritionist in Totalife Malaysia. Totalife is an international company, originated from Taiwan and spread it wings to Malaysia in 1995, China and Singapore. And our biggest research faculty is in USA.

Health, Supplement and Beauty Products are the main bussiness of Totalife and as a nutritionist working in this place, I hold the responsibility to understand all the nutritionist job scope and at the same time, help to maintain company's stability. So, sometimes, what you learnt in school, you don't  necessarily to apply everything, you also help in running the bussiness. NUDSA UKM? anyone? Don't worry, what you learnt from year 1 to year 4, selling, doing bussiness, attended ISO lectures, HACCP and bla bla bla., need to complete 8 mega programs in order to graduate? Don't worry it will benefit you soon. It just a matter of time.

So, you saw me playing with InstaStory while working? MAIGOD... IT'S OBVIOUS THAT I AM THE FACE OF TOTALIFE!!! (I hope my superiors never see this post, but, once, everyone type "Totalife Malaysia" on their browser, this post will be included and pop out!!!), Okay, I am going to delete this. Wait. MAIGOD... IT'S OBVIOUS THAT I AM THE FACE OF TOTALIFE!!!

Back to the topic, so, as a nutritionist in Totalife, aside from recording myself on Instastory, these are among the job scopes that I can share to you.

1) I give general health talk in Facebook Live and product information related.
2) Responsible for product testing in every batch.
3) Provide explanation, information and consultation.
4) Compiles data, prepare write ups, presentation for the products.
5) Attend roadshows, wellness programs and support marketing activities and involved with activities in  MASO .
6) Understand ISO and bla bla bla bla and many moreeeeeeeee..

So, if you know Fatin, (the one who is single and wants someone who is older than her, oh, she is 25 years old now, so make sure you are more than 25 years old in order to hit her), so, because we are the newcomers in this company, so our department had divided our roles. Aside being a nutritionist we also help in maintaining the stability of the company. So, Fatin will in charge of the administration, because she can tolerate sitting for so long in front of the browser and I will in charge of marketing and publicizing, well.. I tell you this, in case you see me on TV ehemmm. My company also taught me how to balance my life as a 'celebrity' hmmm... altho you can see me do a live video on social media.. sometimessss you can see me.. and please don't be surprise if you see me being a beautician. Because, our company also specialized in a skincare and cosmetics product. Sundear Paris, you heard about it right? Now, say YES.

Sometimes, you also see me still able to wake up late or still having my breakfasts at 9 am. While everyone is so rushing to register themselves to work, I have my free time, singing in the car altho I am stuck in a heavy traffic... because, I have flexible working hour. Our operation is started at 9.30 am and ended by 5.30 pm. So, I have flexible time within the 1 hour after the official operation time.

And, you might questioned, why I am so easy to take leave whilst still on my probation period. Well, because my department sometimes, run a roadshow and wellness program on weekends, so, we will have our replacement leave on weekdays. If you want me to be honest, there are some times when I disagree with this. I want my weekends. I want to sleep all day and appreciate my Saturday and Sunday. Although, we still got leave, but.. it brings different aura. You got me right? On the other note, I also feel glad to be entitled a holiday on weekdays because you know, we can do many official things, such as attend another job interview? HAHAH, okay kidding.

* * * * * * * * * * *
So, for my junior, if you check on Malaysia Dietitian Association, the field that I am doing right now, can be titled as a Corporate Dietitian. So, broaden your knowledge on this.

You hate clinical now? or you hate IPD? enjoy OPD? or you hate OPD, enjoy IPD? Okay, let me tell you something, when I was in your phase. I was trained in IPD first, if you read my stories, you probably know, hows my feelings, how I met my first patients and bla bla bla. How scary I was when we went to different unfamiliar wards, because I pray every seconds so that,  I won't see ghost? The training weeks passed and I did my OPD. Strangely, I miss IPD, and I want to do IPD again. You know why? Because, in the wards, you can run from another cubicles to other cubicles, go to different beds whenever the clinical instructors came, because you did not ready to present the case. In the other words, you can hide HAHAHA, while still clerking the case, and only meet the preceptors when you are ready. You still have the freedom while caged. Because, you have large spaces to run and play hide and seek with your supervisor and command or receive a ready-warning from your teammate. Oh, so funny to remember.

Different story back in the OPD, whether you got the freedom or not, you still feel cage. Because you know why? You sit in that room, while watching for your friends to do their consultations. While waiting for your turn, your 'mind' did not watch them (I know, you don't need to deny! ) instead you do, virtual preparations on your minds, because you don't want to ruin the whole 45 minutes that you handle.

It's not only your physical being caged, but.. your mental as well. Expose to the training actually allow you to understand how the real world of working will be. The situation that I mentioned on both cases of IPD and OPD were because of your mental being caged. That's what we called as 'micro-management' of the superior. They conquer your mind.  This micromanagement will limit your potential and you can never see how great you are. Simply because your mind are under control by them. Which is truly unhealthy.

Honestly, we can never throw this 'micromanagement' because, it lies in every persons. The severity is varies. So, you control yourself.

I remember when my 15 years old nephew requested to drive my mom's car. The only thing I asked him : How confident you are in doing this? If something happen, will you take responsibility? He gave me  A BIG YES!. So, I let him drive. Although, I was a bit scared and in doubt of my decision to allow him, but if that person is confident in doing something, why should I doubted him? But, I still doubted. Doing this, because I was very positive at the moment. If we involve in an accident, car will crashed, we can go to workshop. If something happen to us, they will send us to the hospital, we will be okay at the end, if we die, it's truly the end point, why fret when we know we are going to die? But, its the experience that has no price. LOL. Actually, I was typing and chanting to myself, How stupid this Ciknok. HAHAHA. Okay, don't let your nephew drive. I let him drive because, it just around our house yard. That's all.

* * * * 

Wait, what? You want to be a nutritionist in Totalife? 

Well. No. You can't. 


(Kidding, because I am no HR, HAHAH)

Oh ya, I am not your nutritionist ya, I am still your dietitian! 
Get your facts right. 
(I did not mean to snatch the "nutritonist' title hehe)

(I am your nutritionist if you are related to Totalife, LOL)