It's still the second week of the year - while everyone chose to wish each other on that December 31st, at 12 am, I instead being so lazy to open another new book. I was a bit demotivated at the end of 2017 and in the beginning of 2018. In a period of less than 60 seconds, things went upside down. After all, tomorrow is just another new day. I regain my mood again.

I was not sure what were the highlights of 2017, aside graduating from Dietetics School and manage to secure my first jobs. 90% of my resolution back in 2017, was successfully ticked, except for some part, which I think, needed my fullest commitment. Of the things, that I writed here -

On January, I went to Tokyo, it was such a brave decision, tied with clinical exam, so, I need to be the best version of me, and I excelled in both of the clinical exams. This is the main proved, why I have bad relationship with written exams. Papers don't have feelings, they are boring, and I am not a kind of hardworking person, but, when I do, I will make sure everything is excellent. So, I achieved my goals.

I managed to finish my dietetics school and again, excel in both in clinical and written exams. Then, my girlfriends came over for a vacation and I was thrilled as a guest as well! Soon, I received an offer and went to interview session. Some passed and some rejected me, but re-offered me again, and ended up, I became a nutritionist in a company.

Since I am someone who treasured the things that I had so much, and would not want to get rid of it. I, officially become a Community Dietitian in a freelancer field. I have my team and got my client on a referral basis. Since, I am so good at promoting myself LOL. I also got invitation to give nutrition health talk from a private company, however, I haven't submitted my speech outline yet. At the end, I am now became a passionate dietitian. You are the one who determine your path of life. Support and motivation will make you even stronger.

What I learnt from 2017, was.. wheel did its job. The good deeds that I've done, I managed to taste the beauty in it. The bad thing that I've committed.. oh, I don't know, did I commit something bad? #kidding.

After all, I am still the same person, except for the motivations and determinations getting bigger and less circle of close friends and less drama?.

What I wanted for 2018 to be? I gotta make this plan very realistic and mature enough, so that my 25 years old will be thankful on what I did in this 24 years old. OHGOD. I am turning 24 years old this January 16!

  • I want to be someone who is well-known in Dietetics Field. A passionate Dietitian with integrity. 
  • I will gain as much as experience from my company.
  • I am not sure if I want to go out from the country this year,  but if I want, it will be Australia or Europe. 
  • I can only do shopping once in a month. (GIRLFRIENDS, PLEASE READ THIS).

Lesser resolutions, but greater commitment. HAHA. 

I was typing this while waiting for someone. This was where I sat. 

Now, since the meeting was over.. I changed my seat to spacious and hidden area, anddd I saw a real romantic yet sinful drama. How come the youngster were so brave doing immoral things in the eye of the public? HAHAHA.

My current position. The "real romatic and sinful drama" was played in front of me, and I can't snap the photo straight, it will become controversy HAHA. #paparazimood'son.

Oh, I should add : avoid seeing sinful things in my resolution too. LOL. Kidding. 
Don't mind me. 

To the people that I spent my 2017 with, thank you very much for colouring my life, black or white, pink or red, I will hold the memories altho it become grey. 

To 2018, I'm not sure what you promise me, but let's play harder and work smarter. 

Thank you.