I am a person, who don't listen to any musics, when I write, or when I study or when I want to do something that needs my fullest attentions. Simply because, I love to sing. I will sing instead of doing thing. Other than that, I am truly a multitasker - bet your life on this!

When I listened to music, it's consider my-me-time. I don't talk to people. Instead, I play a music video where I become the performer on my own stage. It heals my mind tho.

I don't like listening to soft, calm and flat musics. But, I do like those classical musics, however I'm not into it. I prefer the high pitch, belting singers and their songs, but not the rock and roll version, I also like old songs, the Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and you named all the singer who belts!.

I preferred singers from Philippine, because they are the truest talents in melody- this is what I believed. In facts I know them better compared to the Malaysian Singers. The only Malaysian singer that I think can belt is Jacklyn Victor. The rest, my musical mind run to Philippine singers.

* * * * * * * 

Now, it comes to the end of my writing. It was pointless, but thank you for spending your 5 minutes or less with this entry. But, don't you know, what writing to me? It helps to heal the emotions.