It's a proverb to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigations or experimentation.

Last week, Yen Yee, Eya and I had a lunch together. She brought me a bed of macarons for my belated birthday present. So sweet! I did not realize thing that I posted on InstaStory is actually reminds someone of anything that I like now. #Iremindedher #forcinghertobuymesomething.

Eya, Yenyee & Me. 

So, after 2 hours plus plus meet up, we decided to call it a day! But not for Eya. I had this unplanned activity, so, without her willingness, I forcefully invited her to join me doing something bad. 


I don't want to spill the details here, because it's too public. HAHA. 

So, Eya asked me: 

"What are you doing now MASFARA WAHIDAH?"

"You don't have to know, I can't believe I am doing this too" 

"What did this person had done to you? Did this person said something? that you want to prove either  it's true or no?" 

"Kind of hmm sort of hahah, idk, you don't have to know, I also don't know what I am doing" 


Altho, she expressing her disbelief on me, but, without her knowing, she actually helped me to find out on 'something'... HAHAHA. 

Now, in this era, everything is really is just at your finger tips. You can google everything over something that you've been curious. But, not to this person. 
This mysterious person with almost none details info on the internet makes me wants to check every info of this person from cradle. 

MAIGOD, living mysterious life is surely interesting for stalker to stalk HAHA. 

Okay, I am 24 years old NOW. 
Should acted like one. 

At this era, you can type anyone's name. It will appear on your browser. 

Don't believe? 
Try to google my name. 


Eya's name
Amirah Aqilah binti Abd Rahim 

Yenyee's name
Tan Yen Yee

(Basically, I am helping out those stalkers to find info, because it sucks living in a curiosity HAHA)

Although curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.

Anyway thank you Sou Sou (Yen Yee) for buying me the macaroonssssss.. 
I love it love it love it love it. 
Aside from hugging and kissing to bid our goodbye, I would like to express my token of appreciation of you to willingly to celebrate my so-called-really-really-really-late-not-so-birthday. 

Nah, thank you for being cutest friend ever. 

Tan Yen Yee

Oh, and also For Eya. Of accepting my flaws and weirdness.

Amirah Aqilah

If you saw me in a jail, you don't have to ask around what kind of crimes that I've done. You've knew it. 
A Stalker. 

Now, it's true. Don't play with girl.