I was staying all alone in the hostel for the past few days of Puasa.. And I think I was okay, I can adapt to the situation of not eating together with family. But.. I was so wrong, TOTALLY WRONG. So, I made my mind and now I am home. 

So, the first thing I am looking into was the menu for berbuka puasa!  Well, basically the reason why I wanna go home was because I want to eat lah of course. (Aside from the bonding la, lets not being too clichè okay).

So, I asked my family to cook some fresh seafoods for me, because, when KL said, they got fresh seafoodss,,, NAHHH. Don't believe it, even 5 star hotel does not really provides you with the fresher one, but your home does!. So, go home, instead of spending hundred Ringgits on iftar at hotel.

So, these were the menu that I had last night.  

                         Of course the crab!. But I don't really into this.I just miss the crab?

 Of course the sweet sour fish. OMG, who can resist the temptation of this menu?

For those who does not know this!, I bet you don't know, Bajau people take this as the carbohydrate. The new generation of us, will go into rice, but some time, I also prefer this. This is your original staple, how would you resist it?

Okay, that is all. Bye.