So, for this semester's grouping, I have been grouped with Yenyee, Ben and Aziz. Everyone is so cool, Ben was the first person to be grouped with me, when we were in year 1, and for the final semester too.  Yenyee and Aziz were my thesis mate, so we knew each other very well, we cried, we laughed together. The only things makes me feel unfortunate was, I don't have friends to go to Surau with me for Zuhr. Girlfriends were grouped differently.

The last choice is Aziz. I told Aziz to be my best friend and closest friend for this semester, in everywhere we go, we should be together. I warned him to never leave me alone if we were walking together and suddenly,  meets his boyfriends. HE SHOULD CHOOSE ME OVER THEM.

So, girlfriends were praying in the different Surau, and I prayed in a diff one too. Technically, because prayer room for men and women are located in the same location. Hence, Aziz and I made a decision to pray there.

" Aziz, kau nampak kasut aku ni kan, kalau kau nampak kasut ni masih tak berganjak, kau jangan jalan dulu okay, tunggu aku lepas habis solat, kita gerak sama-sama".  Words uttered. 

He waited for me. Sitting so macho in front of the female prayer room. 


" Aziz, kau nampak kasut aku ni kan, kalau kau nampak kasut ni masih tak berganjak,
 kau jangan jalan dulu okay, tunggu aku lepas habis solat, kita gerak sama-sama"

"Mawar, kau nampak kasut aku ni kan, kalau dah takde, aku dah jalan tau ertinya"

"No, kau tunggu aku okay".

 Time passed, I saw Aziz's shoes still on the floor.. did he berzikir too long? or read the Qur'an? . Okay, I saw hime already.

" Aziz, kau baca Qur'an ke tadi?"

"Haah, sebab aku tahu kau lambat"

"Wow Aziz, kau patut bersyukur tau tak, kau berkawan dengan aku, mampu untuk meningkatkan keimananmu kan, tengoklah, sejak kau solat sama-sama dengan aku ni, kau mampu baca Qur'an tau, maka berkawanlah dengan sahabat yang mampu meningkatkan keimanan".

He laughed and said:, 

"Kau lah yang patut bangga kat aku, nanti kau tulis kat facebook dan screen shot kat aku okay, kau cakap lah yang aku ni bla bla bla bla" He said. 

Facts:  that he is the "alim" one in our class, the childish, the one who experienced heart breaks for so many times and I proud to announce that he is single. Handsome, kind and hardworking and sometimes can't help but always embarrassing himself. HAHAHA.

What did I learn from Aziz behavior and attitude:
Senang je nak buli dia ni.