Something frightened me on this attachment and I could never live without any nervousness on the day before I start the case. Still, the thought of quitting this course never ever cross my mind and I believe, this riot on my mind was because of how unprepared myself to face all of this.

I prayed that today, I don't have to handle and managed any cases. I was not ready to face that yet. I told myself today, I will study tonight and at least try to master on the Nephrology ICU issues and its management, but to no avail. Procrastination overshadowed everything. Then, tonight, I told myself, never mind. I will try to study for the next week. Can you expect what would the thought cross when next week come? Yes.

Texted my buddy (a senior, an alumni) and asked her for the tips on how to survive in special units. She said, everything will be alright and yes, some calming words to balance my emotions. Thank akak. May Allah Bless you.

Okay, this is the course that everyone wants to be at. Not everyone can master and have the knowledge on clinical nutrition. But, I have the chance to master all. so, be grateful dear self. Take this chance to polish the skills and knowledge.

Dear Masfara Wahidah,
Ganbatteh kudasai! Jia You! Bittaufiquwannajjah! Good luck! Do your best! Semoga berjaya!