Ladies and gentlemen, I wanna brag something about myself on 16.1.2017.  I WAS OFFICIALLY 23 YEARS OLD GUYS!!!1. So, for the official birthday celebration, I went to Tamarind Spring for my dinner. The atmosphere was a kind of dim and romantic. Let photos speak louder than words.

                                                                    Bed of roses.

Appetizer, it is calamari rings. I forgot the price, but it is RM35++ if i am not mistaken.

 That Seabass was so delicious. I love the taste. I forgot the price. 

 It was my first time eating asparagus. Tasted so delicious.

Thon Pak Tom Yam?? But still its delicious too. Everything was delicious, well, i am a birthday girl, I shall spread positive vibes.

That roses spread on the table was actually costs RM50 and you need to pay it cash.

That officially 23 years old -face.

You got surprised by a cake.

Overall, it was almost RM400 including that bed of roses. It was a nice experience to have such a romantic and beautiful view for a birthday dinner. Thanks to Aily for bringing me here. I found no different of the foods except for the cooking method of the seabass.. so delicious. Rate given as belows

Calamari Rings (2/5)

Main course:
Steam Seabass (4/5)
Asparagus (3.5/5)
Jasmine Rice (4/5)

Birthday Cake (5/5)

Mango Juice (1/5)
Cranberry Juice (1/5) 
*It was so expensive, yet they only served a cordial-like drink?

I prefer to say that price was paid for the view instead of the foods because It's not worth it.