Dad and his Pokok Betik,
Mom and her landscapes

One fine evening (read: every evening), where everyone was so busy with  life,
Dad just came back from work, trudged up the stairs to Surau inside our home, performed his Asr, started to use a chair to pray..

After finishing his prayer, dad went down the stairs, again, walked into the fruits plant in our yard..

He planted the papaya and mango trees years ago, where all of it yielded their fruits to be consumed by the household..

Mom, after finishing her Asr, she went down to bid goodbye to our helper, Sunita.. And started gardening, pampering her flowers with water and fertilizer.. She too, started to use chair to pray especially during qiam.

Dad, is a fruit-addicts, no, he is a fruits devil. Papaya and Mangoes were on the top lists. Asked me to prepare him with those fruits platter. His daughter too (read: me) , is a fruits devil. She can't live without consuming any fruits in a week. Daddy too. But, mom dislikes fruits, she wanted it to be juiced first, Yna resembled her.

Mom, she would smile from the sun to the Pluto, when she saw her flowers were happy.. Happy in her term, where she managed to pamper all her hundreds flowers around the house. When the coniferous trees of all the genus Pinus species were planted at home.. she gave a contented wide smile. Such a lovely and one and only smile in the world.

I miss them so much. All I want is home. *Read Ejat's Poem again* (Click HERE to read).