Guys, I told you I will a write a post about my Tokyo trip..  Nah, the problem is, I really can't do any planned task, or scheduled work. Instead, I posted some non-related post from my Tokyo Trip. I just wanted to write a post, but not about the trip yet. Not yet okay. Will write the informative post later okay.

This is a chopstick. I always wanted one. One for me. The one that I own. Nah, telling you the truth, when I was in Taiwan, I bought a pretty and beautiful and cute chopsticks for souvenirs and one for me to be kept. But.. there was a Chinese girl, who gave me the Kek Lapis Sarawak from her hometown. I seriously, did not expect that. So, in exchange, I gave up the chopstick and gave her. She was very nice back then. Oh ya, come to think that, she is now an alumni!. Woah, how time passed.

So, yesterday, my heart long for chopstick. When I was in Japan, chopstick was our hands. No, I don't miss spoons and forks..and now I am in Malaysia.. I am looking for a chopstick to be used during meals.

Nah, my chopstick that I bought from that Osaka, Japan shops, I forgot its name. Kumunoya something???