Ughh.. The topic sounds so serious but I could not find any suitable topic to match the post. Anyway, I have been away from laptop, these few days and I had so much fun by the end of 2016. Friends came to visit us in KL and many interesting things happened. I drove back and forth, and only had time to sleep after 12. Tell you, the end of 2016 was fun. But, of course, full of stories has been revealed and hidden to cover all the sadness. Hope it is not too late to wish:

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Thanks for reading all the posts in my blog and if you are just new to my blog, you can dig my previous posts and read them up first while waiting for the new updates, and if you are not, thanks for always reading the posts in my blog. Trust me, you guys are one of the inspirations of why I write too. Permanent readers really play and important role in making this blog lively. Million of thanks to all of you. 

Here comes to the resolutions:

1) I planned to go oversea, after my birthday. (I know, I have always done this, Going to so called    celebrate my birthday with natures. So, the place for this year is Tokyo, Japan. I promised will update you with stories and pictures and as usual, tips and budgeting.

2) I know, this sounds clichè, but, I will try to improve myself to be a better muslimah, perform my prayer on time, improve the way I dress (but, I still want to look elegant in a better way), relationship with Allah and human beings. I will try. Insya Allah.

3) Will blog regularly. I know, I have done this. But, I will improve the contents by tagging tips and how to.. and providing methods to do things and how to solve bla bla bla, and will make it in Bahasa Melayu, so that everyone can read and refer.

4) Trying to be hardworking in my study. (Exam is on this Thursday, but, I haven't touch the notes yet......), anyway, I will try my best to excel this semester. InsyaAllah.

5) Will save up money as much as I can. Will have the target to have some amount  in my bank account for my future. I will share the result at the of the year to see, if this goal is achieved or not.

I guess these are enough for me. Let's spread the love and sincerity to all of the people around us.To those who stays, thank you... and thanks for reading my blog.