Upon updating this post, I am still up. It's 2.00 am. I missed my blog so much. Hence, I came up with this post. 

After my first written paper, I was not planned on going out, but Mizah texted me the night before to accompany her for dinner. I told her, will confirm it after the paper. Confirmed. We went to shell-out for our dinner. I've been there once, and this was my second time. Click HERE to find out more about this restaurant. Second time, was not that spicy. Bet, adapted to its spiciness. Cool. 

After eating, Mizah wanted to go for shopping, and we went to Parkson in a very foreign mall
 (Never been there before, not sure of its name, is it Maju ...something like that, but its near to Mara Digital and Pertama Complex). As expected, not many people inside, so basically, that place was ours. 

Roaming from back and forth. But my eyes were on shoes section. In case if you don't know, my kind of addictions are on shoes and bags. But, shoes will be always on the top rank.  Hence, I purchased a pair of high heels. I was contemplating of buying a new one, because I know, I have billion of it back home (I was exaggerating, I mean, many..). But, I got a nerve to purchased. Click HERE on why I purchased this.  Here are the photos for you to see.

                                               Not so interested with this section. Move on.

Mizah showing her talent of shopping.

Was asking Mizah of this wedges. 

This is the height. Too bad, the photo was shaky. But.. this is the only photo I had.

My potato flat. No, it is Speedy Rhino. Bought it with dad. I guess, will start to say goodbye to all my flats? Nope, I am going to be a multishoes-wearer (Gosh, does that word really exists? sorry). I mean, will be wearing all type of shoes depends on the situations and places.

The "finalè"

This seems pretty and elegant. I bought it at the end.

Valentino Rudy. You are finally mine.

Wearing that high heels, ever since I tried it on till the end of the day.

Thank you.