Ask me, what other accessory that I cannot live without? It's bobby pin. This hairpin is really really essential for some girls, including me. I remember buying this bundle of bobby pin when I was in year 1. It was a looottt.. and finally, I only left with 3 pieces. (It is 4 actually, 1 is on my hair, using it right now). AFTER ALMOST 4 YEARS.. Because, I had a lot of it.. like thousand pieces last time, so I don't really value its 'existence' . I never reused it back. Or if I saw it on the floor, I will just swept it together with the dust. But, not now. Since, I only left with a few pieces, I value them a lot. I will make sure, to reuse it, until it 'loose' and cant secure my bangs. 

Yes, because I am a girl with a bangs, so I need to use it, for everyday every time every moment. I really cannot live without this. I need my bangs to be pinned back. 

This is how I styled my bangs with a bobby pin. I pinned back the bangs towards the side. This sounds legit, because I cannot share how I styled my bangs with bobby pin here, so hopefully this is accepted okay.  💁

Till then 💞