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I have done with my exam. I mean clinical exam. Written exam will be on next week. Yesterday, I had my Outpatient (OPD) Exam, and today I had my Inpatient (IPD) exam. I don't even know how to explain that. It's bearable... but, somehow, it's hmmmm....

For the OPD exam, I was the last person on line to meet the patient. Waited from 8.00 am to start the session at 2.30 pm. Nah! Suddenly patient was not able to come. Need to wait until 3.30 pm. Can you see the hassle. Lost all the energy to sit for that exam. Patient came, panic attack came too. Was having a fever..... and I......... managed to handle the case, but.. don't know the evaluation. I myself, was not satisfied with the result. With all the burdens inside my head and my heart, I drove back to college. Need to study for IPD exam.

My session was on morning. I only had less than 24 hours to study for IPD. I got a patient who is an old lady with CVA (stroke), Pneumonia and the issue is diarrhoea..  PEG tube....OHMYGOODNESSSSSSS. I had no experience on PEG feeding. What should I do, How should I do. Luckily, the carer help me to understand the patient history. Thanks young lady. The feeding regime is the same like Ryle's tube, and I had no problem on that. 

Upon typing this, I am not letting my heart out here. Afraid, there might be a lecturer who read this and affects my mark. 

( I questioned myself: Being a good and excelent dietitian, is this my future? can I achieve that?  << am I really have a talent to do that?)

Nah, preparing for written exam soon.