Gosh, I still find time to blog regularly even though, my TWENTY FOUR SEVEN HECTIC SCHEDULE NEVER END, which proves that this is really a labor of love. 

*     *    *

My flight from Sabah was on Saturday and arrived around 5 pm. Supposed to reach college before the night. Mannn, I should blame the people who create this quote, living your life to the fullest. You know it makes my life sucks yet so meaningful. Detoured episodes came and I reached college almost midnight. Okay, fine. I should delete the words that I just typed. Because mom and dad did not know that. I ringed them just to inform that I arrived safely in KL. Peers really play an important role in your life. They influence you and you influence them too. 

Remember, my last post was talking about the case write-ups? Guys, really.. you better listen to my advice. AVOID PROCRASTINATION or else you will end up missing your Sunday just like me. 

On Sunday morning, I woke up and after finishing my chores, I opened the laptop and continued doing the write-ups. That was terrible and I was dying a little inside. Was sitting without any breaks just to finish  the write-ups. (Exaggerating detected). But seriously, while finishing my write-ups I was actually blaming myself of doing the last-minute task. I swear I regretted that moments and pray so that this episode does not roll again (and you don't have to read this post which is full of frustration). I was actually up until 2.00 am and had a trouble to sleep. The only thing that I remembered was, I looked up for my phone and see the time. It was 4.00 am and I still did not sleep. I need to wake up at 6.00 am, to catch the 7 am bus to PPUKM. Can you see the hassle? 

What's funny, the majority of us also stayed up until this late and I was among the luckiest one that managed to finish the whole write-ups (2 cases, with hundreds of pages) at 2.00 am. Some of them finished at 4 am, at 5 am and the worse, some did not have their sleep and still doing their write ups until today. Not to count the 'scofflaws' whom really risk their marks to be deducted as they planned to send it tomorrow though the due date is today!. Bet, I am the luckiest among the unluckiest. 

After completion of my two case write-up, I questioned myself : Did I really missed my Sunday?
Let's pray so that this scenario won't happen again. Hopefully. Oh yes, I have my case presentation on 08/12/2016. Hopefully, I can prepare myself a week before the presentation.