Taken with this outdated iPhone 6  
(My sister's phone obviously, because mine is even even even outdated: iPhone 5 and I was holding it)

Today, I wasn't doing much, I had this continuous sneezing and eventually, caught with the flu.
Nah, nothing productive I can do, this photo was taken before I got those symptoms. Basically, my first line of defense was defeated by the bacteria. It slows my performance. Supposed to do my write up, but I just can't go. Need to force myself as the due date on the next Monday, need to submit on time or else ready for mark reduction. I don't want to accept the risk. 

While resting for a minute, I am taking my time to update the blog. Just need a space to babble. By the way I remembered my last conversation with mom:

" Mom, you must be watching #surihatimrpilot, so how was it?"

"I preferred Abang Bomba punya drama compared to #surihatimrpilot. Its Neelofa that make the drama so famous now. "

Okay, mom watching that drama. Me? Let me finish the write-up and will check on it later. 

My resting time is over. Bye!