Would you like a little poem or something?
Wait, I'll try.

15 minutes passed.

Little rose blooming beautifully by the hill
Moved by the wind and sometimes stay still
Your colour seems to fade, and I ask, are you ill?
Or are you missing home cause I can feel
But don't you worry little rose
Don't let your colour spill
Sometimes distance could break your spirit and will
But here's a little secret I rather spill
Even if home is far away, still
It is in your heart, thus cannot be kill
Always keep it close to you and forever it will.

Sorry, if it seems boring, because I saw your Instagram post, this is all what I can come up with now.
Cause, whenever you are feeling down, it is the sweet memories in your heart, about home, about your family that will give you the strength to keep going.

So cheer up okay!
Okay, I think that's enough blabbering from me tonight.
Good Night Mawar 🌹

 November 3, 2016
    01.19 am 

*    *    *     *     *     *     *     *      *

Received his long text from Whatsaap this Morning. I glimpsed at it as I was rushing to go to the clinic.  Saved it for my on-my-way-back-to-college-reading-material. Clearly, my OPD training, only takes half day to finish. Quite different from the IPD. The main reason why I like OPD okay.

Was on the road, opened my Whatsaap and browsed to his text. Such a looooooonggggggg messages where he put all the infos inside, he takes the opportunity to promote his program to me. Such an opportunity-grabber you are. I read all his bla bla bla and replied. It was a norm for a sender to ask about the receiver's day. So, he did. Until one point I paused, and reread the texts. Reread. I Reread. I swear I read that and keep on repeating like so many times.

Such a beautifully written poem. Especially when it is made for you, when it is just exactly fit your condition. Who else does not fall for it? If you don't.... Such a stone cold you are (whisper vehemently).  He can be a bard. Will you become a modern Shakespeare someday? 🎊🎊🎊

It made my whole journey to blossom. Told you, there's a space for an art in my eye, despite all the medical and nutrition knowledge I have. When I read novels or even watching TV, especially the kind of Romcom genre, there is a scene where they passed the messages thru poems and all, which I never ever expected I will get one. Yes. So it made my heart fluttered and constantly smiling. Seriously. You better trust me.

The perks of having a linguist friend. They can help to alleviate your anxiety and depression. They can send you updates and tell you stories and sometimes make your heart flutter. Not forgotten, they can send you a poem too. Don't worry, if you haven't got one. Just wait until you get yours. HAHAHA. Like I do.

Anyway, it is such a loss for a linguist student to have a friend from the health sciences background, because..

"You showed up last night in my dream. Can't remember the details bla bla bla. I wonder if I ever showed up on your dream? Just wondering, nothing else"

"Haha. I usually dream of the things that I worried so much. Example: My lecturer, My marks, My performance, My patients. But usually, I will have a nice dream too. But I forgot"

It's a loss for a linguist, but an advantage, for dietetics student. Remember? They can alleviate your anxiety and depression level. If I were a linguist student, I won't be close with people from medical and health backgrounds. They are so insensitive. They can only be sensitive once you come to the hospital and become their patients. That way, you can get special attention from them. But... it's nice to have one. Thank you dear you. 

This post is to perpetuate the memory of getting such a beautifully written poem from someone so nice and so thoughtful, and he said, it was made for me anyways. 😍😍😍😍😍

Thank you for reading.