So, yesterday we went to watch this movie and I wassssss sooooooo EXCITED!!. Movie ni based on the novel.


Jake- Grandson
Abe- Grandfather
Miss Peregrine- Person In-charge for the safety of peculiar kids. Can turn into a bird a build a time loop for the peculiar kids.
Dr Golan/Mr Baron/Birdwatcher- The primary Antagonist and leads the hollowgast

Peculiar children:

1) Emma - lighthest than the air. She needs to wear his special plumbum shoes so that she can stand on the land.
2) Twins- Can turn something into stones.
3) Olive-  has the ability to make fire with her hands
4) Enoch - can make something alive.
5) Millard - He's invisible
6) Brownyn - She's unusually strong!
7) Claire- She's cute! but has an extra mouth on her back!
8) Victor - Deceased older brother of Brownyn!. Locked in the room next to Emma.
9) Horace- Has the ability to see the futures thru his dreams and like clothes so much.
10) Hugh- Has a bee living in his stomach!.

Jake is the grandson of Abe who is so closed to him. Hampir setiap malam Abe seringkali bercerita mengenai kehidupannya sewaktu kecil.

Abe pernah diletakkan di Peculiar home oleh mak ayah beliau, disebabkan ada masalah di kampung halamannya, and he lived with the peculiar kids until he found out that he is also peculiar and his ability is, he can see the monster. Jake also inherited that ability and he never knows about it until he was back at the time loop in 1943. It was Abe's last wish so that Jack could meet Miss Peregrine and ask her the secret.

Abe was killed by the holllowgast (in order to regain their shape, hollowgast needs to kill peculiar kids and eat their eyes).

When, Jack in that loop, he met the leader of the hollowgast and everything started to be adventurous. Jack and Abe are the bloods that shared the same role, but Jack completed the journey and became the hero of all the peculiars, as he is the only one who can see the monsters! that keep on catching peculiar kids in order to regain their shape.

A good and mind-blowing movie.

Rating: 10/10

Suggest you to watch this!.