Hello and happy holiday to some of you who still 'celebrating' it like I do. Recently, I just realized that having a post on a blog without pictures or animations are such a bore. No, I actually realized that moons ago, instead of putting of the photos, I linked my instagram account to my blog, hence, it will automatically update in the sidebar. Can call it as a meditation to someone who visits my blog.  That was less than a month ago. Up till today, I changed my mind, let's make it 'live' a bit, and I'll be uploading some of the photos here.

Okey, so last time, when we were still in a Raya mood, I had a chance spending my time with pals. So, they have been my best friends since forever, and they went to my house and catching up stories and doing some other girl stuffs.

The highlight of the day was, we actually went to Skyline Bar Seafest Rooftop to spend our evening together. It was my first time being there and I give 4.5/5 star for them ( a new premise). It was located at the Seaview Part of Semporna,. The price and the portion of its meals are still acceptable and in a range, but for this visit, I did not pay anything for my drink and meal. All of it was under my friend, Zuraifah/Yok/Zure'. Many thanks darling.

My all-time favorite. Mango Juice. 
Behind me was the sea. 

I also grabbed the chance to pose like a model here!. 

                        This is the part of Semporna, at the Taman Marin Tun Sakaran.

               Introducing to you, THE MENDAKS celebrating their Raya on the Rooftop. 
       Some of us are 'absent' during the gathering, as they were not in this district during this Eid.
May Allah bless us. 
In case if you wanted to know them, just read my blog, you will find who is who :).

Thanks for reading.