Yes, the topic sounds cranky but who cares. So to those who have been knowing me and those who has stalked me on my social media might know how much I went through the hell of finishing my thesis. Together with my groupmates, we finished it all via clouds. Oh, I forgot, I rarely uploaded any of my thesis activity on social media... I said, it was rarely uploaded...

So, just now my friend, YY had sent our masterpiece to the printing shop as we need to submit it by this Friday, but luckily my SV had extended the time until Monday morning!.

Last time, when Aily said, people who are doing their theses tend to be sleepless, and I said nay! Because, I would not let myself to experience those sleepless moments when I had ample of times to do it. But, who knows, I actually did not sleep just to finish it. Frankly speaking, we have done it well, but, some technical probs arose. Hence, we killed the times just to finish that!.

In the end, we were survived. Thanks everyone who had helped us! I was so lazy to write down your names here, so I thank all of you in general!.

Oh, I posted some craps here. Never mind.


Wait, is this the end? hopefully!. I had enough of this.