Home activity #1.

When my ex-roommate , Eyaeyo (can I just addressed her as my roommate? ) did her Gimbab( it is actually kimbab, but when I had my meals at K-street café, which is a Korean Restaurant, they write it as Gimbab), so I was so impressed like, wow, she can do it!

One day, she sent me her Gimbab photo on Whatsaap, so I asked her to make it for me, but up until now, she has not put her hands on the Sushi mat yet! (to make the gimbab for me), and after having a meals together on that Korean Restaurant, so I craved even more on that dish!.

Hence, 2 days ago, I made up the gimbab myself!. Hehe. As a matter of fact, I don’t have sushi mat in my home, but, luckily, my sister had one. So, I drove to her home and asked her to GIVE it to me instead of wasting my money to buy that. Hey, why would I waste my money if my sister had extra of it? Well, the younger always win!.

So, I made it myself and did everything, and my Gimbab now exist in this earth!. Haha.


Here, I list all the ingredients needed :

1) Dry seaweed (in the flavor of classic)
2) Rice ( Instead of sushi rice, I used Fragrant rice)
3) Sausage ( Black pepper flavor)
4) Carrot
5) Vinegar
6) Sugar

And the most important thing is the sushi mat!.

How to do it ?

1) Go and cook the rice, if you are using sushi rice, just follow the direction at the back of the packaging. But if you used just a common rice like I do, make sure to increase the volume of the water, so that it can stick to each other when u rolling it on the mat.

2) While waiting for the rice, go and prepare the rest. hahah!. ( I know I am such a bad tutorial giver). Cut the carrot and don't forget to peel off the skin first, prepare it raw. While for the sausage, I prefer to boil it, I actually wanted to fry them, but, lets go for the healthiest one first. Once everything done, just put aside and wait for the rice to ready.

3) When the rice is fully cook, pour 2tbs of vinegar in the ratio of 2:2 to the rice, and sprinkle some sugar. 

4) Put the rice in the refrigerator to so that, you can roll them easily soon. 

5) and then, the next step is following your creativity. Goodluck.

It was my first attempt on sushi, pardon me for not-so-beautiful-appearance on sushi!. 

Look at the instagram bar beside this photo, just click the image and you can see my gimbab!,. 

Thank for reading love!