She is a person who talked to me almost 3 hours on a phone continuously,
Chattering about anything,
A woman who scolded me in the name of love for my wrongdoings,
A woman I may called a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer and every jobs in this world is hers.

The teacher who teaches me how to do chores, how to handle life,
The doctor who treats me sleeplessly, with her face reflecting how worry she was,
The lawyer who stand on me if I was right but turns to be wrong in the eye of my sister,
The police who punished me for my wrong actions,
The one and only who could make me into a good and honourable person.

In the name of love created by the Almighty, May Allah bless you forever and ever.
May mom's life full of happiness and wishes come true,
Mom, thank you so much, you gave birth of me and of my sisters and brothers,
Nothing precious in this world than you and dad.
Thank you for your love to me and to my sisters and brothers,
Sorry for the troubles and if I ever made you hurt,
I love you mom.
Love you so much.

I miss you so much. Though everyday is a mothers day, but today is yours.

Happy Mothers Day.