I once tried to run from the saddest reality (read:hurt) of how am I gonna live my life this semester. 
I let my positivity vibes spreading around my soul, but it did not work. 
The first 3 days of the semester , marked how happy I was because of this universe has been kind to me as it allowed me to create my own paradise, until the fourth day arose......

qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm . (Unexplainable)

  After all those hurdles, I passed the episodes. 

In every obstacles, there would be a relieve. I got the schedule mentioned that on week 3, we need to go to hospital which has been selected by us. I was a happy existence of this news, I have the medium to run. 

I was sent to do my catering posting which I finally met  all those beautiful kind hearted and lovely bunch of people. Thank you lovelies of all the memories we shared together, truth be told, I was a bad girl today as I don't have something to offer to make you guys happy, I am sorry and I love you. 

Thank you for accepting me as your a-month-family. I will always love you and will be loving you.