While waiting for Aily's flight to be landed, I searched through the airport of how  its layout and which shops are suitable for shopping. According to the schedule , he should be landed at 9.05 am from KL, but then, haze striking in Sabah's air, forced the pilot to fly to Brunei and they were stranded in its airport for almost 4 hours. 

I waited for  6 hours in the airport. I experienced mundane,  say you. 

I killed the time by entering The Body Shop, at KKIA, and managed to buy its body butter. Thing I realized about myself is I do not know on how to express my liking on scents. In facts, I know nothing about the description of any scents as I rarely wearing any perfumes. But yah, the worker asked me, what kind of scents do I like, I honestly say, I do not know , but for sure I dislike sweet scents like greenaple or strawberry or to be details on fruity scents are totally a no-no for me. 

I tried smelling every scents on its body butter. The roses scented really pause my movement. I bid for this.

Yah, If anybody ask me what kind of scents do I like, I would simply say with full of conviction ; ROSES, the rest will be coming soon. 

Atlas Mountain Rose Body Butter form The Body Shop ( credit : google image)

I do not know about other shops, but I bought this at KKIA priced RM83 including 6% GST. 

I love this. Really!